Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the most frequently asked questions:

How do I place an order?

You can place your order through the inquiry form on our website or by sending a bill of quantities of the products you want to one of the email addresses listed on the website, as well as to: 

Do you make price discounts? How do I get an offer?

All our customers enjoy a price discount according to the total value of the order. In order for a discount to be calculated, it is necessary to order products with a total value of at least BGN 1,000 with VAT. You can request an offer through the inquiry form on our website or by sending a bill of quantities of the products you want to the email address: 

Do you offer delivery and how much does it cost?

Yes, we offer transport to the site. 

The prices for the different types of trucks, according to the total weight of the goods, are as follows: 

6 ton truck - BGN 1.30 without VAT / km in both directions

10 ton truck - BGN 1.50 without VAT / km in both directions

22 ton truck - BGN 1.65 without VAT / km in both directions 


Remarks on truck transport of Reliks Vibro AD:

The distance is charged in both directions!  You can check your route on the website - Select the Route menu and for the starting point enter the city of Sofia, 7 Rezbarska Str. (Sometimes it is necessary to press the Find button several times).
For deliveries within the city of Sofia, an initial fee of BGN 8.35 without VAT is charged.
We do not make deliveries in the central parts of Sofia and other cities with a permit regime for heavy trucks.
Trucks with a load capacity of 22 tons cannot enter narrow or inaccessible streets. Please always consider whether it is possible to access and maneuver the respective type of truck to the address.


Delivery with Ekont: For long-distance transportation of small-volume products, we offer delivery with the courier company Ekont. The products need to be able to be placed on a pallet and packaged. For information about delivery with Ekont call: 0878 281123 - Petya Goranova.

Do you offer unloading of the truck and what is the price?

Yes, some of our trucks are equipped with a crane and can unload the goods at the address. The prices for unloading, according to the type of truck, are as follows:

6 ton truck - BGN 30 without VAT

10 ton truck - BGN 50 without VAT


Remarks on unloading of trucks of Reliks Vibro AD:

  1. You need to order and pay for the unloading in advance.
  2. The crane boom is only suitable for unloading goods next to the truck. The crane does not perform laying or installation of products in excavations. In case you need such an installation, please provide other equipment with which you can perform both unloading and installation.
  3. We do not offer unloading of a 22-ton trailer truck.

What is the delivery time? Will I be notified?

We usually make all deliveries within 2 working days after payment of the order. Our employee will contact you to specify the day and approximate time range of delivery. On the specified day, the driver will call you before leaving our site.

Are wooden pallets for the products paid?

Yes, in case the products you want to buy are palletized, a deposit of BGN 15 with VAT will be charged for each wooden pallet. The deposit will be refunded upon subsequent return of the pallet to some of our sites. Please keep with you and present the deposit invoice.

No deposit will be charged if you hand over your empty pallets upon receipt of the ordered items. We use standard euro pallets.

What payment methods do you offer?

Each order made (issued pro forma invoice) can be paid:

- in cash or by bank card at our nearest site.

- by bank transfer to the bank account indicated in the invoice.

At the moment we do not offer online payment by bank cards.

Do you offer "second quality" products?

Yes, some of our products are also available in a "second quality" version. These are products in structural integrity, but most often with a partially broken edge of the element, microcracks or old batches of colored products. These products have a reduced price of 30-50% compared to standard ones.

For availability and information:

- Rezbarska plant - 0878501526

- Studena plant - 0878501658

I have another question, who should I ask?

Product availability and commercial issues :  Ivaylo Piskov - 0878501526

For questions about online orders:  Petya Goranova - 0878281123

Technical qs /Water and Sewerage/:  eng. Petya Shoshkova - 0898433358

Technical qs /others/:  eng. Kostadin Krushkov - 0889434865

Corporate clients /large orders/:  Tanya Vasileva - 0878258587